What action there was in downtown Wilmington this morning!!! I thought for sure this was one of the falcon kids going after the heron because I didn’t think any falcon in it’s right mind would go after a heron with those deadly pokers they have so I was quite surprised when I looked at these pictures and saw it was the adult female! She did seem extra cranky today so maybe she was just taking out her frustrations. Or it could be she was protecting her kids. Unfortunately the light was bad and the birds were too far away so the pictures are very poor quality but you can still get the gist of the action…








I’m not sure whether the falcon actually attacked the heron or not but the heron did fly away in one piece. I’m guessing he won’t be travelling by way of downtown Wilmington anymore!

Here she is taking out her frustrations on me. Actually I think one of her kids was on the roof of the building where I was. Unfortunately I think she must be getting used to me because she only dive bombed me twice this morning.


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