Banding Day

If anyone was in the vicinity 11th and Tatnall Streets in Wilmington this afternoon between 12:30 and 1:00 they would have heard a lot of Peregrine Falcon screaming! Craig Koppie, an Endangered Species Biologist with US Fish & Wildlife Services banded four juvenile falcons, also know as eyases, this afternoon.

Mama falcon was feeling extra feisty this afternoon and I think Craig is very lucky that he left with only a minor injury! Here she is through the peep hole. If you click on the image you can get a better look at her beak. Not something you want to mess with!


Check out her talons!


The kids crack me up because they pretty much just stand in the same spot once Craig gets them from the nest box.

Check out the feet on this young female!


Mama falcon coming in for a landing.

And here they are, this year’s crop of falcon kids. Speaking of crops, check out the two birds on the right!

Normally the male is also around when Craig bands them but we think he must have been off hunting the whole time because we didn’t see him until he flew in with a snack when we were getting ready to leave.

What a great way to spend a lunch hour!!!

p.s. Thanks to Bill Stewart, next year we will have a webcam for the Wilmington falcons!!! Stay tuned for details!

Here are links to a couple Peregrine Falcon webcams if you’re interested…

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