Our first day on Amherst Island Paul and I saw nine Snowy Owls in our drive around the island!!! Unfortunately most of them didn’t want to be photographed so the only shots we got were of their butt as they were flying away from us. And while this is a nice butt we would have preferred a look back at least. Check out these furry feet and talons!

And that was the way most of the week went until the day we were supposed to go home when we found some who didn’t seem to mind being photographed! Needless to say we both extended our vacation by a day. Thanks again bossman. :)

In looking at Cornell’s website, I think this is a first year male. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong! What a beautiful bird!

This female put on quite a show for us. Unfortunately the light wasn’t very good.



This is a bad picture but these two birds were hanging out together for the two days that we were photographing them. I don’t think they’re a mated pair since one of them looks like a first year male but I don’t know much about Snowy Owls so who knows.

This is one of the pair. It was raining at the time which is why he looks wet.

This is the other bird from the pair.


I never knew these owls had little ears that stick out!

Another look at those furry feet and talons!

Same bird but what a different a little sun makes!

I guess she saw something she liked!



If only she’d been a little closer…sigh…

This is probably my favorite picture from our trip. It was a really windy day so this guy was hiding behind the rock but would check to see what I was up to every now and then.

As I was heading back to my car to get ready to drive back to PA, I was very surprised to see a Snowy Owl sitting on my car! I think he was trying to tell me I should stick around. :)

Although I thoroughly enjoyed photographing the Snowy Owls, I was very disappointed that we weren’t able to feed and photograph the chickadees. Owl Woods, the area where we did that the last time we were there, was closed due to hunting of all things! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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